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Michael Evan Salley on Smart Home Trends and the Implications of Smart Technologies on Future Lives

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As recently as a decade ago, smart home technology was considered a luxury available to only the rich and famous. As technology improves and advances, more and more people are finding that new smart home technologies are accessible for both new homeowners and renters. In this article, Michael Evan Salley discusses some of the recent advances in smart home technologies and how essential they are becoming to home life for all Americans. 


Security Systems are Advancing Rapidly

Monitoring of exterior and interior spaces through security cameras has been expanding, with remote monitoring through phones and tablets becoming the norm. Remote one-touch recording and interactive voice features are quickly allowing homeowners to monitor and control their home spaces from anywhere in the world. 


Video can now be captured and transmitted from security systems to homeowners no matter where they are located. Enhanced and instant video is used by law enforcement to capture criminals and protect family members in emergency situations. 

Remote and keyless door locking systems also allow opening or locking doors from outside the home for convenience or additional security. 


Central Control from the Palm of Your Hand and Decor Friendly Hardware

The days of bulky cameras and devices with wires hanging everywhere around the inside and outside of a house are gone, as is the hassle of keeping up with multiple remotes and batteries. 


Smart technology companies are becoming more and more interested in a minimalist design that can match, or be adapted to match, the decor choices and preferences of individual homeowners. As devices and controls become smaller and less conspicuous, those with a taste for design and decor are finding new smart home technology less of a burden.


Wireless control of smart home technology devices means that remotes or even a central control hub are disappearing. WIFI connectivity allows for control of smart home systems from a phone or tablet from anywhere inside or outside the house, or even from the other side of the world. 


Home “Zone” Control

Sophisticated yet simple system controls allow for management of different zones within a home with the tap of a screen. Separate rooms or areas can be maintained with different temperature control and lighting from anywhere. Energy savings go along with added comfort when heating or cooling is only supplied to the parts of the house where and when they are needed. 


Outdoor lighting and music can also be adjusted as desired at different times and particular zones of the house and property can be programmed to have different systems activate when wanted.


Bathrooms are Getting Smart Too

Comfort and technology go hand in hand in the modern bathroom. Voice-activated bath and shower controls enhance homeowner enjoyment.  Smart toilets are being designed for new construction and bathroom remodeling projects. Voice-controlled music and motion-activated lighting may not replace smartphone use in the bathroom, but they are certainly going to add to the experience. 


Michael Evan Salley stated, “with rapid changes in the availability and capabilities of smart home technology, things that were prohibitively expensive or just impossible until recently are now common in the lives of many homeowners today. Smart home technology is becoming the norm and should be expected in every new home construction or home remodeling project.”  


With a Master of Construction Science and Management, OSHA Certification, and team management experience, Mr. Salley is a qualified construction manager. He is dependable, results-oriented, organized, and ready to take on any challenge and solve problems along the way.

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