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Michael Evan Salley Shares 5 Effortless Ways to Add Exercise into Your Routine

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Most of us would like to have more time for exercise and taking care of our health as part of our everyday life. Despite our best intentions and New Year's resolutions, it is easy to find yourself falling back into ruts that do not include exercise and physical activity. Thankfully, with a bit of planning and guidance, you can use some painless and effective methods to get in daily exercise. In this article, exercise science enthusiast Michael Evan Salley provides a quick list of easy ways to build exercise opportunities into your daily routine.


1. Walk with a Purpose


If your workday involves sitting at a desk for long periods, consider building in a walking break at regular intervals throughout the day. Breaking up a sedentary routine with even short walks to a break room, restroom, around the office, or even walking in place reduces the risk of heart disease and increases overall metabolism rates.

Using a pedometer or fitness tracker will give you immediate and continuous feedback about how many steps you are getting in throughout your day. Knowing when you have reached your daily goal for steps taken provides a positive response and inspires you to walk even more.


2. Give Yourself an Early Morning Workout Reward


A great way to get your blood flowing right off the bat each day is to do some quick and simple exercises. Try waking up with a glass of cool water to get your brain and muscles fired up and then do a few sets of bodyweight movements to crank up your energy level. After some stretching, crunches, lunges, squats, and pushups are all well-suited for short sets that you can knock out quickly. You will find yourself much more motivated to get the day started and are likely to find time for more exercise during the day.


3. Add Some Exercise to Your Commute and Take the Stairs


Make a conscious effort to avoid the path of least resistance around work. If you drive to work, find a parking spot a little further away that will build in an extra walk each way. If you ride the train into work, get out a stop early and walk a few extra blocks when you can.

Taking the stairs is a well-known exercise option. Stairs provide quick and effective cardio work, and you will enjoy instant feedback when you are able to measure the number of flights you can take without getting out of breath.


4. Use Housework as Exercise Time


Indoor and outdoor work around the house includes some physical activity by default. When you consider your posture and the muscle groups that you use when working around the house, you will find that it is not difficult to make your work movements also serve as quality exercise time. Adding some extra energy into the effort when you are vacuuming, doing yard work, or dusting will greatly add to the exercise value of your housework. Try putting on some good music and even dancing while you are moving around the house.


5. Find Exercise Opportunities Even When You Are Tied Down to Your Desk


Just because you have to focus on work duties at your desk does not mean that you have to be stationary. Get some small dumbbells and do wrist curls, biceps curls, and extensions while you are on the phone or looking at your computer monitor.

Standing or walking in place are simple things you can do at almost any time, and just getting up out of your chair as often as possible does a lot to help your cardiovascular system and metabolism by doing something requiring energy.Also consider short workout routines during your lunch break, especially if you can grab a snack back at your desk later.


About Michael Evan Salley


Michael Evan Salley holds a Master's degree in Construction Science and a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science.He took advantage of all that his educational and professional experiences offered to become a strong team-oriented leader with all the necessary credentials and experience to support his strong work ethic. Michael Evan Salley believes in doing things right every time and is a results-driven problem solver looking forward to taking on new challenges and achieving team goals. When Michael is not working, he enjoys fishing, golf, and spending time with family and friends.

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