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Michael Evan Salley Shares 5 Software Tools That Help Builders Manage Their Projects Successfully

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Discovering the right software that promotes productivity within the work environment is an ideal situation for any business owner. In the construction industry, there are software tools that help manage construction projects more efficiently, ranging from managing employee time to creating 360-degree construction site images.

An excellent way to manage the potential of the business is to find the correct software tools for construction project management. Here are five top-rated software tools beneficial to explore:

1. Autodesk BIM 360- Budget and time are important factors when it comes to delivering quality business in construction. Michael Evan Salley, who received his Master’s in Construction Science and Management at Clemson University, states that this specific cloud-based software is essential to keeping projects within the budget and on schedule. Tools that help task automation, safety hazard predictions, quality management, and rework elimination keep your projects proactively moving forward as planned. Autodesk BIM 360 is an excellent choice for an organization integrating software for the first time with over 70 software integrations to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

2. Conconstruct- For construction firms that have projects revolving around custom builds, remodeling, and design building, this is the software to take into account. Ranked high in its category, Conconstruct makes the difficulty of keeping up with custom projects easily manageable. Project managers can effectively communicate with clients, deliver real-time updates to anyone involved at any time, coordinate with the project team, and trade partners smoothly.

3. Corecon- This cloud-based software offers functionalities that manage construction projects from start to finish with a user-friendly interface that embraces change. Corecon can be useful for estimating, control over job costs, workforce scheduling, project management, and collaboration. Many construction companies favor this platform due to its mobility and accessibility from any location at any time making decisions quicker and easier. Corecon will function on a browser or cellular device.

4. GenieBelt- A software that is designed and developed by construction industry professionals for construction industry professionals. GenieBelt is an online software for construction project management that addresses the exasperation of dealing with a similar pattern of problems in multiple projects. This helpful tool is valuable for construction companies that need help saving time and money, as well as improving customer service and project job control.

5. Procore- Three main objectives define this company’s foundation: listen to the customer’s problems, evolve a user-friendly system specifically for the customer’s issues, and have the solution product available to the customer for immediate use. Procore not only provides a custom technological solution to their clients, but also promotes swift application, overall utilization, and an increase in investment returns. Builders can direct multiple projects, observe progression on all devices, and bring in limitless collaborators.

By 2022, the market for construction project management software is estimated to reach $1.8 billion. “Why wouldn’t you start searching for the best software solution for your construction company now? Factual information proves that the construction industry’s increase in productivity for the future will rely on construction management software. Set your business up for success and start getting acclimated with software as soon as possible to stay ahead of competitors,” said Michael Evan Salley.

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